3-Piece Alloy Wheels

Our 3-piece forged wheels are produced by an internationally renowned wheel manufacturer.

The forged centerpiece is available with different surface finishes. Depending on the wheel design, you can choose between several types of finishes, all of which come with an acrylic coating. The outer lips are forged and high-gloss anodized, and the inner lips are silver anodized. That way, all parts of the wheel receive the best possible protection against any negative climatic effects. Optionally, the wheel can be provided with a special weatherproof coating for extreme winter conditions, which has been tested in a 240-hour salt test.

All wheels are equipped with a special, factory-provided valve as well as a lip to ensure water drainage. The TPMS System (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) can be used worldwide due to the preliminary set up.

All wheels are produced according to strict conditions and are subject to numerous tests prior to final delivery, such as the dynamic radial fatigue test.

All MEC Design wheels are bespoke, allowing for any colour and finish combination. Our forged wheels are available in sizes 19 to 22. We give a two-year guarantee on all surfaces with the exception of any damage caused through third-party influence.

Securing your wheels

The security of your wheels is of the highest priority to us. Every wheel has its own number that is registered in the ASR System (Absolute Security Rims). You will receive a Wheel Passport together with your wheels, showing all the specific details. We further recommend you secure your wheels with lockable wheel nuts from brand leaders McGard.

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